Sunday, 5 May 2013

3 good things

During term time I'm so busy with work that regular posting seems to fall by the wayside. To keep myself in the groovy, I want to start a mini-series on my blog called 3 good things, in which I share the things I'm loving and the things keeping me busy. Some style might even creep in!

So without further ado, 5 good things this week:

1. Egg and avocado breakfasts

Recipe: Avocado and Egg Breakfast Pizza
From The kitchn

I adore avocados and eggs together - the perfect, filling way to start the day and completely delicious. In a sandwich, on a flatbread, wrapped up in a tortilla; it's delicious. And fuels me for...

2. Getting a bit sweaty

I have always been a notorious fitness-dodger and the only exercise I ever had was running for the bus. However, in the lfast few months something has clicked and I've started attending weekly kettlebell classes (still sore from yesterday!) and I've been going for runs around the park. To give me something to aim for, I just entered the Great North 5K, which is a brillient bit of motivation for a beginner. I'll be posting more on this soon - maybe even some scary pictures of me in my running gear!

3. Earrings

I was a bit of a punk in my younger days and had stretched ears up until Christmas, when I took them out. The holes quickly shrank and I'm really enjoying wearing a variety of stud earrings. I have a real thing for brushed metallics so I snapped this H&M set up without hesitation.

What are you loving this week? Any other wannabe runners out there?


  1. It's such a good idea to keep these affirming lists!

    Signing up for a run is a great way to stay on course. I had to stop running because of an old knee injury and I think I'm never going to get myself back on track, but maybe I should sign up for some kind of race as a motivator.

    The difficult thing about running is getting yourself out of the house, but once the run is done, there's no better high. I usually motivate myself by planning a big breakfast AFTER the run.

    1. Running is awful for the joints but I'm really enjoying it. I'm hoping a September race will keep me motivated through the summer as it gets hotter. I love the idea of a breakfast bribe! I think about my post-run snack all the way around the park.

  2. the avocado - egg combo is genius!

  3. Let's see. I loveeee avacado, guac, anything with that delicious fatty fruit. And I am fond of eggs. But together? I will trust you on this, and usually I'm beyond open-minded, but I will have to venture into this hesitantly haha :)

  4. Just found you via Sue's blog and thought I'd pop in... That breakfast pizza looks to die for! Totally doing that this weekend. And I am a fellow beginning runner too, I just ran my first 5K last month:

    it was sooo much fun and such a great motivator, I'm sure you're going to love doing yours!