Friday, 14 June 2013

colour at my fingertips

"Nail polish is the perfect boost for running... It is almost impossible to chip or ruin nail polish while distance running, which makes it the King of Products." Alexander Hemingsley, Running Like a Girl

Maybe it's recently having taken up running or maybe it's letting my hair down a little now that I have a permanent and secure job, but I've been wearing a lot of nail polish lately. I favour dull, nature-inspired colours like grey, sky blue and Barry M's Mushroom. I spotted this intriguing colour whilst schlepping around Tesco - Revlon Colour Show in Moss. It's more of a sea-green than a khaki like I expected, but I rather like it.

Do you paint your nails? Why/why not?


  1. I don't often paint them as I find the process takes forever, and then I leave them as they get chipped.. which.. isn't the best look. I do like a nice grey tone on my nails though!

  2. That looks like my kind of colour - kind of sludgy. I don't paint the nails on my hand as I'm too hard on them and my nails are not up too much currently and I can't paint the right hand perfectly with the left hand. Anything less than perfection and I have to take it all off so more often than not I don't bother. I use the Barry M's Mushroom as well - it's the perfect Chanel dupe of Particuliere.