Friday, 1 November 2013

Long time no see!

I've not blogged for a while now - I just don't have anything to write about. Work takes up a lot of time and we're saving for a house, so there's not much money for clothes. It's hard to decide what to wear, in this weirdly warm November weather. I'm wearing a combination of jeans, shirt and jumper every day.

What are you wearing in November?


  1. I also bought those Next animal pumps :) they're so comfy! Jeans + jumper is my go-to November uniform too, everything else feels like far too much effort...

  2. How are your pumps? I'm getting a bit of wear out of mine and I love them. Hope they didn't take much breaking in for you.

    And pretty much like you, I'm wearing jumpers and jeans. It's what November is all about isn't it?

  3. Love the whole mix! These slip-on sneakers are so cute!