Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Style Concept

Inspired by into-mind, I've been thinking more about the pillars of my personal style and I thought this wou;d be the place to put my ideas. I'll start off with an extract from my style concept; a board of images that perfectly express how I want to dress.

From my Pinterest.

For me, this was really interesting - I love Pinterest and I pin almost indiscriminately things that I like. This encouraged me to build a separate board only comprised of images that I would wear as-is - that meant no dresses and no heels.

I've moved away from the idea of the carefully-curated wardrobe and I'm trying to go back to the way I shopped as a teenager; only buying things I was really in love with and made me feel a certain way. Having a 'list' made me want to shop more, and those items didn't always become beloved. Shopping with my gut again has made me more careful and I'm really happy with my recent purchases. They're not things that I would always have considered 'practical' - I'm terrified of suede as I'm so hard on my shoes, but I bought a pair of suede cowboy-ish ankle boots in the sales and they haven't left my feet. I'm planning a shopping update soon as I think my recent purchases really do symbolise a step forward for me and my style.

Also, happy New Year! I hope you celebrated in style (unlike me, on the sofa in my cat pyjamas) and are excited for the year ahead.

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  1. I spent New Year's Eve at home too - knowing that I was on duty to work the next day had a dampening effect on any thought of celebrating til dawn or overdoing on the champagne!

    I did the same thing with a Tumblr - I only blogged things I would wear in real life and after a while I realised my blogging tapered off, because I was posting the same kind of things over and over again and it became unnecessary. I think that was the point I realised that when it comes to style, I don't really crave change.

    I've given up on lists because I don't follow them, although a pair of flat, suede chukka boots will always be on my list because a well-made pair that suits my feet and budget seems near-impossible. I'm with you when it comes to buying what you instinctively love.

    Happy new year!